Precision Grinding for Micro Tools 2018-07-05T14:27:23+00:00

Brief Introduction about Precision Grinding Wheels for Micro Tools

In the medical, dental, telecommunications, mold and aerospace industries, the size of some parts is getting smaller and smaller, which make the demand for micro-cutting tools increasing. These miniature tools for drilling, milling and turning depend on the development of sub-micron grained carbides and coatings. The production of these tools requires very small-diameter special wheels with good edge stability. Customers could choose resin bond or hybrid bond according to their actual requirements.

Glory Diamond Tools could offer precision grinding wheels for micro tools.


  1. High cutting effiency during the grinding process.
  2. Minimal reject-part rates.
  3. Good ground tool quality.


Small diameter tungsten, stainless steel or hss drills, micro drills, and end mills used in electronics, medical technology, and the automotive industry.


Startech, Kimer K360, Rollomatic, SAACKE, HAWEMA, Walter Helitronic, ANCA, Schneeberger Norma, DMG MORI, WALTER, EWAG and other all CNC tool grinding machines.