Peripheral Grinding of Inserts 2018-07-05T14:20:53+00:00

Brief Introduction about Peripheral Grinding Wheels for Inserts

Inserts are manufactured in very large quantities every year. In order to satisfy customers’ increasing requirement, Glory Diamond supply diamond and CBN grinding wheels with different shapes for different machine brands. We offer optimum solution for the peripheral grinding of cutting inserts.

Glory Diamond Tools could offer peripheral grinding wheels for inserts.


  1. Low cutting edge chipping.
  2. Suitable for tungsten carbide, ceramic material, PCD and PCBN.
  3. Reduced grinding forces during machining.


Kinds of indexable insert, plane knives, milling, cutting blade, welding blade, machine clip blade, etc.


Tungsten carbide, cermet, ceramic material, PCD, PCBN, PCD+PCBN


Agathon 350T&B, Agathon 350COMBI, Agathon 400Penta, Agathon 400Combi, Agathon 400Semi, Agathon 400 Peri, Agathon Pa250, WENT WAC715, WENT WAC735, WENT WAM336, WENT, WBN, WAIDA, VIOTTO, AMT, PETER WOLTERS, EWAG, etc.