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Grinding Wheels for Carbide Woodworking Saw Blades

Brief Introduction about Grinding Wheels for Carbide Woodworking Saw Blades

Carbide woodworking saw blades are the most commonly used cutting tools for wood products. The quality of woodworking saw blades is closely related to the quality of grinding wheels. The grinding wheels supplied Glory Diamond could help saw baldes manufacturers to improve product quality, shorten the processing cycle and reduce processing costs.

Glory Diamond Tools could offer diamond and CBN grinding wheels for carbide woodworking saw blades.


  1. Optimize the quality of the cutting edge.
  2. Long service life.
  3. Maximize the productivity of circular saw blades.


Kinds of tungsten carbide and cermet circular saw blades, HSS saw, carbide tipped saw, router bit, band saw, etc.


Vollmer biberach, Vollmer Dornhan, Woodtronic, Akemat, Widma, Walter AG, Weinig, Loroch, Rekord, Schmidt-Tempo,  and other all saw grinding machines.