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Brief Introduction about Flute Grinding Wheels

Flute Grinding is one the most important grinding processes during CNC processing. With the great improvement of the CNC grinding machine spindle’s power and the increasing control efficiency of the CNC grinding machine, Glory Diamond Tools grinding wheels with higher efficiency to satisfy customers’ requirement. 1A1 grinding wheel, 1V1 grinding wheel and 14A1 grinding wheel are the most widely used flute grinding wheels. 1A1 and 1V1 grinding wheels are mainly used for end milling cutter.


  1. The wheels are suitable for high-precision tool production and processing.
  2. The feed amount could be up to 4mm-7mm.
  3. The workpieces grinded have good surface finish.
  4. Low grinding forces.
  5. Maximum removal rates with little profile wear.


Tungsten carbide milling cutter, tungsten carbide drill, high speed steel milling cutter, reamer, etc.


ANCA, DMG MORI, WALTER, EWAG and other all CNC tool grinding machines.