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Cylindrical Grinding Wheels.

Brief Introduction about Cylindrical Grinding Wheels.

This grinding is mainly used to grind the outer cylinder and the outer cone of shaft-type workpieces. Besides, it’s also suitable for grinding the shoulder surfaces of shaft-type workpieces. Therefore, Glory Diamond Tools offers resin bond, vitrified bond and hybrid bond to satisfy different customers’ requirements.

Glory Diamond Tools supply diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels for cylindrical grinding. In addition, the grinding wheels have high quality and long service life. Therefore, Glroy Diamond Tools has won appreciation from customers all over of the world.

Because the grinding wheels supplied by Glory Diamond Tools can reach high precision machining. As a result, they are suitable for grinding the parts in aerospace industry, ship and automobile industry, etc.


  1. Long service life.
  2. Smooth surface after grinding.
  3. High precision.


Tungsten carbide milling cutter, tungsten carbide drill, high speed steel shaft, etc.


Studer, EMAG, Voumard, Schaudt, etc.