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Brief Introduction about Centerless Grinding Wheels

The centerless grinding wheel is a grinding wheel installed on a centerless grinding machine. It interacts with a guide wheel and a pallet to form a grinding method. The workpiece to be machined is supported by the pallet and is guided by the guide wheel to the pallet. When the workpiece is rotated in a circular motion, it is ground by a centerless grinding wheel. When the workpiece is ground, the surface quality is high and the accuracy is relatively good.


  1. The centerless grinding wheel can be used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding and fine grinding.
  2. It’s a high-efficiency external grinding.
  3. The surface of workpieces are smooth after grinding.


The centerless grinding wheel is suitable for mass production of small parts, carbide, ceramics, magnetic material, stainless steel bar, like bearing, spool valve, piston pin, and PCD PCBN compact.


All kinds of centerless grinding machines