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Project Description

Spiral Felt Wheel

Size: 80*30*60mm, 100*35*70mm, 150*35*70mm, 100*35*60mm, 130*35*60mm, 150*35*90mm, 150*30*125mm, 150*22*40mm

Spiral Felt Wheel

This wheel is mainly  for the last polishing process of straight edger machine, beveling machine and shaped beveling machine. It’s is made of a small amount of felt and chemical fiber material. Besides, this wheel can eliminate the scratches on the glass and make glass much brighter.

The wheel can be for polishing different material according to different hardness of the material. For example, it can polish material like glass, ceramics, stone, metal, plastic and jewelry, etc.

For Machines:

Bovone, Bottero, Bavelloni, Besana, Adelio Lattuada, Schiatti Angelo, Zafferani Glas, Intermac, etc.