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Project Description

LOW-E Coating Deletion Wheel

Size: 200*76.2*12mm(wet grinding), 200*76.2*15mm(wet grinding), 200*76.2*10mm(dry grinding), 200*76.2*12mm(dry grinding), 200*76.2*15mm(dry grinding), 150*50/90*12 (wet grinding), 150*50/90*15 (wet grinding)

LOW-E Coating Deletion Wheel

This wheel is to delete two silver layers of Low-E glass. It will prevent the degradation of the film layer which may cause the failure of the insulating glass. Besides, it can also prevent the generation of speckles. Therefore, it facilitates the entry of light into the room. Further more, it has the characteristics with strong  coating deletion capacity, long service life, good stability, and wide practicality. Besides, Glory Diamond Tools could also supply polishing wheels.

For Machines:

Bovone, Bottero, Bavelloni, Besana, Adelio Lattuada, Schiatti Angelo, Zafferani Glas, Intermac, etc.