6A9 Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel for Clearance Angle Grinding 2018-06-29T02:19:27+00:00

Project Description

6A9 Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel Clearance Angle Grinding for CNC Machine

6A9 diamond CBN grinding wheel clearance angle grinding is mainly for machining shank tools on CNC grinding machines. Besides, this grinding wheel is a typical shape for clearance angle grinding. It can greatly improve the grinding effiency.

Glory Diamond Tools offers high-perfomance resin bond for gashing and clearance angle grinding.

Shape D T W X H Diamond Grit CBN Grit Bond
6A9 100 20 2 10 20/31.75 D64 B107 Polymide Bond/ Hybrid Bond.
6A9 100 30 3 10 20/31.75 D64. B107 Polymide Bond/ Hybrid Bond
6A9 125 25 2 10 20/31.75 D64 B107. Polymide Bond/ Hybrid Bond