6A9 CBN Grinding Wheel for Back Grinding 2018-06-26T08:37:27+00:00

Project Description

6A9 CBN Grinding Wheel

6A9 CBN Grinding Wheel for Back Grinding.

The CBN grinding wheel is mainly for high speed steel saw sharpening, HSS knife grinding and HSS micro finishing. It’s suitable for dry and wet grinding. With cylindrical cup type, 6A9 grinding wheel is mainly for back grinding and face grinding.

This grinding wheel is designed with a stable aluminium body. Therefore, this can reduce grinding pressure during the whole grinding process. Further more, 6A9 grinding wheel supplied by Glory Diamond Tools has the characteristics of long service life, high efficiency and can make grinding process more easily. Our grinding wheels can make every back grinding process not only faster, but economically more attractive.

Shape D T H W X CBN Grit Bond.
6A9 80 30 20 3 10 B126 Phenolic Bond.
6A9 100 30 20 3 10 B151. Phenolic Bond
6A9 100 30 20 2 10. B91 Phenolic Bond
6A9 125 30 20 2 10 B91 Phenolic Bond.