6A2M Resin Bond Grinding Disc for Face Grinding 2018-06-28T08:54:56+00:00

Project Description

6A2M Resin Bond Grinding Disc

6A2M resin bond grinding disc is mainly for face grinding. Grinding of double-face grinding machines is fine finishing process. Therefore, it can achieve high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness. The resin bond grinding discs are suitable for grinding glass, crystal, carbide cutters, etc. Besides, it’s also suitable for grinding magnetic material.

Customers can get workpiece with good parallelism and flatness<0.003mm after grinding process. Besides, it’s very stable.  Further more, the workpiece after grinding process has smooth surface.

Glroy Diamond Tools offers 6A2M resin bond grinding discs with high quality and long service life.

Shape D W X
6A2M 250-1200 10-350 3-10