6A2M Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel for Peripheral Grinding of Inserts 2018-06-28T09:26:15+00:00

Project Description

6A2M Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel

6A2M Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel is mainly for peripheral grinding of tungsten carbide, cermet and CBN ceramic inserts. Besides, it’s suitable for Wendt Wam machine.

Carbide inserts have the characteristics of high hardness, high resistance and high strongness. With the development of technology, carbide material replace high speed steel material as cutting material. Therefore, higher quiality requirements are necessary for surface processing of carbide material.  Therefore, the quality of the grinding wheel has great effect on the quality of inserts. Glory Diamond Tools offers diamond and CBN grinding wheels for carbide and cermet inserts grinding with high working efficiency.

Shape D T W X H
6A2M 350 90 8 6 260
Machine: WENDT WAM