4B9P Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel for External Cylindrical Longitudinal Grinding 2018-06-28T15:06:15+00:00

Project Description

4B9P Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel

4B9P diamond CBN grinding wheel for external cylindrical longitudinal grinding is mainly for shaft tools grinding. Therefore, the external cylindrical longitudinal grinding  is mainly for grinding the workpiece to form the step outside diameter.

With high quality and good service, Glory can offer different specifications to satisfy customers’ different requirements.

Shape D T W X H NOTE
4B9P 200 20 5 6 11 20/31.75 Rough grinding
4B9P 250 20 5 6 11 20/31.75. D64 rough grinding wheel for tool d<3mm.
4B9P 250 20 5 6 11. 20/31.75 D91 rough grinding wheel for tool d≥3mm.