2A2T Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel for Peripheral Grinding of Inserts 2018-06-28T09:54:33+00:00

Project Description

2A2T Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel.

2A2T diamond CBN grinding wheel is mainly for peripheral grinding of tungsten carbide, cermet and CBN ceramic inserts. Glory Diamond Tools could offer resin bond, vitrified bond and metal bond to satisfy customers’ different requirements. With high grinding efficiency and long service life, Glory Diamond Tools can make the whole grinding process more easily.

Shape D T W X H
2A2T 250 42 6 6 215.
2A2T 250 42 8 6. 215
2A2T 250 42 10 6 215
Machine: Agathon PA 250
Shape D T W X H
2A2T 350 45 8 6 310
Machine: WENDT WCD.