1A2T Vitrified Bond Grinding Disc for Face Grinding 2018-06-28T08:57:02+00:00

Project Description

1A2T Vitrified Bond Grinding Disc

1A2T vitrified bond grinding disc is mainly for face grinding. Vitrified bond CBN grinding disc supplied by Glory Diamond Tools has the characteristics of strong grinding ability, good shape retention and long service life. Therefore, it can grind workpieces with high precision and smooth surface.
Our grinding wheel is suitable for automatic grinding of CNC grinding machine. Besides, the wheels have outstanding advantages during the grinding process of air-conditioning compressor pistons, blades. etc.

The wear resistance and sharpness of the vitrified bond grinding discs are very important factors during grinding process. Therefore, Glory Diamond Tools choose best quality vitrified bond to guarantee the grinding wheel quality.

Shape D W X
1A2T 250-1200 10-350 3-10