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Project Description

1A1 Centerless Grinding Wheel

1A1 centerless grinding wheel is widely for centerless grinding machines. And centerless grinding is mainly for grinding shaft with small diameter. It is a kind of grinding processing. There are guide wheel and grinding, total wheel two grinding wheels. Therefore, the guide wheel drives the cylindrical workpiece to rotate on the horn, and the grinding wheel grinds the workpiece.

During centerless grinding process, a grinding wheel is on a centerless grinding machine. It interacts with a guide wheel and a pallet. The workpiece is supported by the pallet and is guided by the guide wheel to the pallet. Glroy Diamond Tools offers centerless grinding wheel with long service life and high working efficiency. Therefore, our grinding wheels can make centerless grinding process more easily.

Shape D T H X
1A1 125-600 50-350 75, 127, 203 5, 10