12V5 Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel for Clearance Angle Grinding 2018-06-29T02:10:33+00:00

Project Description

12V5 Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel Clearance Angle Grinding for CNC Grinding Machine

Glory Diamond Tools could offer 12V5 diamond CBN grinding wheel clearance angle grinding with high grinding efficiency and long service life.

12V5 diamond and CBN grinding wheel can grind clearance angles on the cutting edge of the tools. This can reduce the contact area between the tool and workpiece during grinding process.

Shape D T W X  V° H Diamond Grit CBN Grit Bond
12V5 100 28 10 5 20 20/31.75 D46 B91 Polymide Bond/ Hybrid Bond.
12V5 100 25 10 6 10 20/31.75 D64 B107 Polymide Bond/ Hybrid Bond