12B9 Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel for External Cylindrical Longitudinal Grinding 2018-06-28T14:56:41+00:00

Project Description

12B9 Diamond CBN Grinding Wheel

12B9 diamond CBN grinding wheel can be for external cylindrical longitudinal grinding. Besides, this grinding wheel is suitable for grinding carbide shaft tools or HSS shaft tools.

External cylindrical grinding is the most common grinding process. Further more, the external grinding wheel is mainly for grinding the outer surface of the workpieces with cylindrical shape or conical  shape.

Shape D T W X H  V° conical Note
12B9 150 24 6 3 20/31.75 10 D15 Resin Bond Grinding Wheel
12B9 150 24 6 3 20/31.75 10. Vitrified Bond
12B9 150 24 6 3 20/31.75 10 D20 Resin Bond Grinding Wheel.