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Project Description

10S Polishing Wheel

Size: 130*35*60mm, 150*40*70mm

Grit: 40#, 60#, 80#

10S Polishing Wheel

10S polishing wheels mainly include 10S40 polishing wheel, 10S60 polishing wheel and 10S80 polishing wheel. It is mainly suitable for straight edger machine, double edger machine, and beveling machine, etc.. Besides, this polishing wheel is especially for the sharpening and polishing of the bottom edge and chamfering for straight edger machine. 10S polishing wheels with dia150mm are usually used for bottom edge polishing, and 10S polishing wheels with DIA130mm are usually used for chamfer polishing. Further, Glroy Diamond Tools also offer 10S serise polishing wheel made in Italy.

Glory Diamond Tools could also offer spiral felt wheel for glass polishing.

For Machines:

Bovone, Bottero, Bavelloni, Besana, Adelio Lattuada, Schiatti Angelo, Zafferani Glas, Intermac, etc.