Manufacture of Fine-Grained Ceramic Diamond Grinding Wheel

//Manufacture of Fine-Grained Ceramic Diamond Grinding Wheel

Manufacture of Fine-Grained Ceramic Diamond Grinding Wheel

PCD tools are used for high-speed cutting of non-metallic materials and non-ferrous materials, which greatly improves the production efficiency of machining and reduces the cutting cost. Ceramic diamond grinding wheel is the most common used tool for PCD tools grinding, like 1A1 ceramic diamond grinding wheel, 12V9 ceramic diamond grinding wheel, 11V9 diamond grinding wheel. The PCD material is a composite material which makes the diamond micropowder uniformly mixed with the metal catalyst and pressed onto the cemented carbide substrate under high temperature and high pressure. PCD tools have the characteristics of high hardness, high composite bending strength, large thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient, and friction with colored metal. And the coefficient is small. When PCD tools are used to process non-ferrous metals, they have the advantages of fast cutting heat dissipation, low cutting temperature and high processing precision. They also have good strength and toughness of hard alloy, and overcomes the shortcomings of the single crystal diamond tool which is easy to collapse. The PCD tool is made by cutting the diamond composite piece after electric spark cutting, welding with the tool bar, and then sharpening. The sharpening process is a key process in the manufacturing process, which determines the quality and service life of the tool. Due to the high hardness and good wear resistance of PCD materials, sharpening is very difficult. The sharpening process is divided into rough grinding and fine grinding process. CNC tool grinding machine is usually used to grind the PCD tools. Resin bond, metal bond, or ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel with fine diamond powder are often used for PCD tools grinding. At present, the main problems appearing in sharpening include small material removal rate, low sharpening efficiency, and serrated edge of the cutting edge. The resin bond diamond grinding wheel has low grinding efficiency, short service life, frequent dressing and replacement of the grinding wheel, large dimensional dispersion of the workpiece, and unstable processing quality of the workpiece. The metal bond diamond grinding wheel has long service life and good quality, but the self-sharpness is poor, the heat is easily blocked, and the trimming is also difficult. The ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, high hardness, high processing precision, long service life and simple trimming, which greatly improves the grinding processing efficiency, the processing quality is also significantly improved, and the processing cost is decreased greatly.

Production process of ceramic bond includes raw material weighing, compounding, high temperature melting, quenching (water cooling), drying, planetary ball milling, temperature inspection, and finished products. Grinding wheel production process includes (diamond, bond, filler) weighing and mixing, wetting agent mixing, press forming, limiting drying, natural drying, heating and drying, firing, heat treatment, bonding, processing and finished products. Since the abrasive, filler and ceramic bond are very thin and the bulk density is small, the grinding wheel is difficult to form, and the grinding wheel is easily to be dry cracked or burnt and shrink cracked. Therefore, the amount of the mixed material wetting agent, the pressure during molding and the drying curve should be controlled very strictly.

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