How to Use Diamond Grinding Wheel to Grind Mechanical Seal Carbide Ring

//How to Use Diamond Grinding Wheel to Grind Mechanical Seal Carbide Ring

How to Use Diamond Grinding Wheel to Grind Mechanical Seal Carbide Ring

Cemented carbide is one of the most excellent friction pair materials for mechanical seals. Cemented carbide is difficult to be processed due to its high hardness, high brittleness, and poor heat transfer. The quality of the hard alloy ring processing is directly related to the quality of the complete mechanical seal. Therefore, only special processing methods can be used to meet the requirements. The processing methods are roughly as followings, grinding wheel intermittent grinding, electrolytic grinding, diamond grinding wheel grinding, etc. Glory Diamond Tools could offer 6A2 grinding wheel.

Intermittent grinding is a processing method in which a silicon carbide grinding wheel is used to grind certain width and number of grooves in its working portion. Slotting improves the self-tanning of the grinding wheel, improves the cooling and cooling conditions, and makes the carbide workpiece less prone to cracks and burns. However, there are some troubles such as the grinding wheel slotting. The grinding wheel loss is fast, the coolant is easy to be dirty, the workpiece size is difficult to be controlled, the power consumption is large, and the inner hole is difficult to be processed. Electrolytic grinding of hard alloys has high efficiency and good quality. However, the purchase of special equipment requires more investment. In addition, the electrolyte is more corrosive to the machine tool and the working environment, and the protection will be more troublesome.

Diamond grinding wheel grinding is a processing method that replaces ordinary grinding wheel with diamond grinding wheel for grinding. The diamond wheel is the hardest abrasive of any known natural and man-made material. It has high strength and it can withstand large uniform load. In addition, it has good thermal conductivity and small thermal expansion coefficient, so it is suitable for processing various hard materials with high hardness and high brittleness, such as cemented carbide, ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor, etc,. Diamond grinding wheels have strong working ability and low loss. Since the diamond grinding wheel has high hardness and good strength and the abrasive grain cutting edge has no directionality and can be kept sharp at all times, so the grinding force is small. Since the grinding force is small, the grinding temperature is low. In addition, in general, it is not necessary to dress the grinding wheel, so it is easy to be used.

The processing steps of the cemented carbide ring include grinding plane, grinding inner hole, grinding outer circle, chamfering, setting, grinding, polishing and inspection.

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