Discussion on the Balance of Diamond Grinding wheel in Electric Porcelain Mechanical Grinding

//Discussion on the Balance of Diamond Grinding wheel in Electric Porcelain Mechanical Grinding

Discussion on the Balance of Diamond Grinding wheel in Electric Porcelain Mechanical Grinding

Diamond has extremely high hardness and wear resistance. Its abrasive cutting edge is very sharp, blade roughness is small, friction coefficient is low, anti-adhesive property is good, thermal conductivity is high, and it is not easy to adhere and produce during grinding. It can effectively process various non-ferrous metal materials and non-metal materials. As high-speed and high-efficiency grinding tool, diamond grinding wheel is widely used in the field of electro-ceramic material machining. Due to the high-speed rotation during operation, the balance of the diamond grinding wheel is very important. The balance will directly affect the vibration quantity during the work, the service life of the machine parts and the grinding precision of the processed electro-ceramic materials. With the increasing processing precision and surface quality requirements of electric porcelain products and the further improvement of the working speed of diamond grinding wheels, the requirements for balance accuracy and reasonable assembly are becoming higher and higher.

The definition of the balance of the diamond grinding wheel means to detect and correct the mass distribution of the grinding wheel if necessary to ensure that the vibration and bearing forces generated are within the specified range when the grinding wheel is at the operating speed. In the production process of diamond grinding wheel, uneven distribution of abrasive grains along the circumferential direction of the grinding wheel, the machining error existing in the machining process, the error caused during the process of plating or welding the diamond grinding layer on the substrate will cause the deviation between the center of mass of diamond grinding wheel and the geometric center, so that the main inertia axis passing through the center of mass and perpendicular to the plane of the grinding wheel does not coincide with the central axis of rotation when the grinding wheel rotates. Therefore, so large unbalanced centrifugal force will be generated when the diamond grinding wheel rotates at a high speed. When the rotating speed of the diamond grinding wheel is large, the centrifugal force is one of the main causes of wear and vibration of the grinding wheel parts. Its existence seriously affects the service life of the machine tool, the service life of the equipment, the processing precision of the electric porcelain sleeve, and even seriously threat to the personal safety of workers. Therefore, we must pay much attention to the balance of the grinding wheel when we select and use the diamond grinding wheel. Specifically, the following measures can be taken.

First of all, when we purchase diamond grinding wheels, we must take into account the factors such as the integrity, strength and overall quality of the manufacturer. We must not blindly pursue low prices, resulting in the purchase of low-quality products. Glory Diamond Tools could offer diamond grinding wheels with high quality, like 1A1 grinding wheel, 11V9 diamond grinding wheels. Secondly, a strict inspection and acceptance system should be established for newly purchased diamond grinding wheels. In particular, some parameters cannot be directly obtained by the naked eye, and there must be a simple and scientific inspection method. The diamond wheel can be nudged on an absolutely level platform to allow it to roll slowly. At rest, a line perpendicular to the platform (ie, the line connecting the geometric center and the contact point) is made by the contact point of the grinding wheel with the platform. Then push it again, mark it again, repeat many times, and observe whether the line identified each time is repeated. If randomly distributed, the eccentricity is zero or within the allowable deviation. If concentrated, it means that the eccentricity is large and exceeds the allowable deviation range.

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