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About Glory Diamond CBN Grinding Tools

With rich experience in superabrasive cutting and grinding industry. Glory Diamond Tools is specialized in supplying grinding wheels for glass industry and tool grinding industry (diamond CBN grinding tools).

With advanced technology, Glory Diamond Tools supply reliable and high-quality diamond grinding wheels and resin grinding wheels. They are used in straight-line edging machines, beveling machines and double edging machines. Besides, they are also suitable for working centers, cutting tables and drilling machines  for glass processing. In addition, Glory Diamond Tools has a professional team which could offer kinds of reasonable grinding wheel position designs for every customer according to their different machine brands, like Bavelloni, Intermac, etc.

In tools grinding industry, Glory Diamond Tools has a system designed for a broad diversity of precision grinding and cutting applications, machines and workpieces. Further more, Glory Diamond Tools produces high-quality diamond CBN grinding tools with resin bond, vitrified bond and hybrid bond grinding wheel. They are suitable for processing of carbide material, HSS, PCD, PCBN, ceramics and metal ceramics, etc. Therefore, our grinding solutions optimized for customers’ specific requirement will bring maximum benefit for every customer. By reducing downtime through increased productivity and product quality, our customers will ultimately increase their productivity. Besides, our product managers and application engineers will communicate with every customer and ultimately provide the best grinding solutions. We could offer customized products for customers who have special requirements. In addition, we provide a wide range of products with common specifications to meet customers’ fast delivery demand.

Glory Diamond offers product solutions, unique services and application development expertise to satisfy our customers’ different needs. We focus on close strategic development partnerships with customers all over the world to deliver them customized and innovative high performance products.