Wide Application of Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

//Wide Application of Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

Wide Application of Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel

resin bond grinding wheel

Resin bond is mainly made of phenol resin or polyimide resin. Resin bond diamond grinding wheel supplied by Glory Diamond Tools has quite good characteristics as followings.

First, the wheels have good cohesiveness so that the bond could be firmly cohered to the wheel body to guarantee production safety. Second, the wheels have high grinding efficiency, good abrasive resistance and high degree of finish. Third, the wheels have heat resistance to improve its service life. Forth, the bond has high strength, because it has direct impact on grinding efficiency, workpiece quality, and safety.

Resin bond superhard material tools have excellent grinding force, less grinding heat, good self-sharpness, high processing efficiency and high surface finish. They are mainly used for cutting, fine grinding, semi-finishing, sharpening and polishing. At present, it has become the most used type of super-hard tools. The application of resin bond grinding wheels is more and more extensive in the processing of precious ceramic materials, semiconductor material processing and magnetic material processing.

The resin bond diamond grinding disc is applied to the display glass processing to replace the traditional free abrasive grinding processing, which can improve the processing efficiency of the display screen, improve the surface quality and reduce the processing cost. According to the experimental study on the grinding force of nanostructured cermet coating material in the precision grinding process of diamond grinding wheel, the grinding force of nanostructured ceramic coating is always higher than that of conventional structural ceramic coating under the same grinding conditions. Under equal grinding conditions, the resin bond grinding wheel grinding tool has a greater grinding force than the metal bond grinding wheel. In addition, according to the relationship between the axial grinding force of the resin bond diamond grinding wheel in the grinding of the single crystal silicon wafer and the relationship between the axial grinding force and the grinding process parameters, we can get the mechanical analysis about the  resin grinding wheel used for single crystal silicon.