Introduction to Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodworking Tools

//Introduction to Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodworking Tools

Introduction to Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodworking Tools

14F1 grinding wheel for woodworking tools grinding

Various carbide tools have dominated in the field of woodworking tools. In the industry of furniture, flooring, wood-based panels, and decoration, a large number of carbide circular saw blades, floor knives, finger-joint knives, and line knives are all inseparable from the grinding process of synthetic diamond grinding wheels. There are more and more cemented carbide tools used in the wood processing industry. In particular, the application of carbide circular saw blades is increasing. Because carbide circular saw blades have high sawtooth hardness, good wear resistance, and the durability is nearly 100 times higher than ordinary saw blades. Carbide circular blades have long service life, good processing quality and high precision. It can not only be used for rough, but also used for fine grinding. The carbide circular saw blades have a wide range of applications, and they can cut a variety of wood raw materials, laminated plastics, rubber materials and various difficult wood materials. Therefore, in recent years, there has been an increasing demand for resin bonded synthetic diamond wheels for the machining of cemented carbide woodworking tools. To this end, we must develop a special series adapted to the characteristics of woodworking tool grinding, improve the grinding performance of the bond to meet the needs of the market and seize the diamond grinding wheel market for woodworking tools.

The grinding of cemented carbide woodworking tools is still essentially the grinding of cemented carbide. We should adopt specific measures for different grinding objects, equipment and grinding conditions, so that the grinding effect of the grinding wheel is very outstanding and excellent. To this end, we have designed and developed special grinding wheels for woodworking tools based on the characteristics of cemented woodworking tool grinding. Our main products include 12A2 grinding wheels used for sharpening and grinding of circular saw blades. The 4V2 grinding wheel and the 4A9 grinding wheel are used for grinding the back corner of the circular saw blade and both sides. The 14F1 grinding wheel is used for curve profiling of forming tools such as line knives.

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