How to Improve the Sharpness of Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel

//How to Improve the Sharpness of Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel

How to Improve the Sharpness of Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel

During the working process, as the friction heats up and the temperature rises, there are two major types of chemical reactions. First, the oxygen in the air will cause the oxidation of the phenolic resin. The second is the oxidation reaction of fillers. In order to improve the sharpness of resin diamond grinding wheel, we should do a lot of researches. Glory Diamond Tools could offer resin diamond grinding wheel, like 11A2 grinding wheel, 3A1 grinding wheel with high sharpness.

The decomposition of phenolic resin is the main chemical factor for the wear of the resin diamond grinding wheel. Therefore, how to improve the bonding strength of the resin is the basis of our research. It includes the high temperature resistance of the resin itself and the high temperature resistance of its cured structure. Of course, the sharpness of the resin diamond grinding wheel can also be adjusted accordingly. If the phenolic resin is protected by nitrogen, its thermal decomposition temperature will be greatly delayed. That means reducing the oxygen in the working environment of the grinding wheel will improve the high temperature performance of the grinding wheel and increase the holding power of the diamond to make it fully function. Heat is the most important cause of resin decomposition, so reducing the generation of unnecessary heat could improve the full utilization of diamond. Therefore, we know that the increase in temperature not only causes the reaction to accelerate, but also directly causes different curing reactions after exceeding the 180℃point. This reaction makes the grinding wheel harder and more resistant to high temperatures, but also more brittle. At the same time, increasing the content of urotropine can increase the crosslink density and make the grinding wheel produce similar effects.

Certain raw materials for diamond wheels can also help us reduce unnecessary friction. If the heat can be reduced, the diamond can work more fully and effectively. The main working principle of this kind of filling material basically has the following similar reactions. Low temperature lubrication reduces wear. Oxygen absorption reaction between 300 ℃ and 500 ℃ could reduce the oxidation of the resin and reduce the oxidative burn to the workpiece, thereby prolonging the high temperature working life of the grinding wheel. This is an interval that is very easy to achieve for the grinding wheel. The above reaction creates an anaerobic and anoxic environment for the grinding wheel to promote the diamond to work more efficiently.

In summary, if you want to improve the sharpness of the grinding wheel, you can consider it in many ways, such as diamond type, diamond concentration, resin type, curing process, curing time, lubricant, filler and so on.

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